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Roof Smart is A Preferred Installer of Permatile Roofing

Roof Smart is a preferred installer of Permatile roofing. Permatile offers you the look and feel of tile with all the advantages of metal. This system has been tested to withstand up to 180mph winds.


Permatile offers you the look of tile with all the advantages of metal.  The features include:

Energy Savings -  Permatile features special infrared reflective coatings that meet Cool Colorrequirements. This helps to reduce the amount of heat absorbed into a structure and can lower energy consumption by up to 40% as compared to conventional roofing materials.

LightweightPermatile panels are less than 1/10th the weight of traditional concrete tiles and 1/3rd the weight of asphalt singles.

Durable - The 26 guage galvanized steel panels are manufactured to withstand severe weather and the elements superior to other types of roofing.

Longrun - Continuous panels run vertically from eave to ridge and are cut to exact lengths needed.

Wind Uplift - Panels are fastened with special screws fitted with EPDM washers to ensure waterproof seal.  This system has been laboratory tested to withstand up to 180 mph winds or 254 PSF under uniform static uplift loads. NOW APPROVED FOR HVHZ HURRICANE ZONES.

Maintenance - Mold and mildew are virtually eliminated since the metal does not retain water like concrete tile or asphalt shingles.  Simply wash with a soft brush and mild detergent if needed.

Color SelectionPermatile roofing panels are available in a wide variety of colors to best accentuate your project. 

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