More than just a Bunch of Roofers in Cape Coral

More than just a Bunch of Roofers in Cape Coral

We want you to know that we are much more than just a bunch of roofers. The Roof Smart team is more like a family than a normal roofing contractor. We take pleasure in each other’s achievements and care for each other through hardships and trials. With that sense of family comes a sense of caring and community. On November 26th, 2013, two days before Thanksgiving, the Roof Smart Team chose to surprise a member of the Lee County community by replacing her roof, at no cost to her.

Joan Annunzio, a 78 year-old Cape Coral woman, has lived in her home for 28 years and has had problems with her roof for quite some time. She was selected by Builder’s Care, Roof Smart’s Partner in this project, because of her length of community service despite her failing health. She takes extensive care of her neighbors and their homes while struggling with failing eye sight and heart problems.

“Joan embodies community, caring, and so many other values that we share here at Roof Smart,” John Gillam, Roof Smart’s President and Co-owner said, “This community is so blessed to have her and we wanted to be able to give something back to her.”

Mrs. Annunzio is the third person to receive a new roof from Roof Smart. We are a contractor committed to helping the people of Lee, Collier & Charlotte Counties who have all been so generous to us. We stand by all of our work and are not finished until you are completely satisfied. We aim to be Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties premier roofing company and can only achieve that with the support of our community.

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