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Common Roofing Issues


Nearly every single homeowner has encountered an issue with their roof at least once. Whether a small leak or significant problems in the tiles, there are issues that occur due to the nature of what the roof is for – it protects us from the elements. Getting your roof cleaned is a big deal, as it keeps it well maintained. While you’re up there, a wind mitigation treatment can also make a big difference to the health of your roof.

Roofs suffer a lot of common issues that need attention right away, and when you encounter any of these issues that we will discuss below, we encourage you to call in the professionals. It’s not always something that you can do yourself and a professional contractor will have the knowledge and equipment to get it fixed quickly and correctly. Here are a few common issues we see homeowners face.

Roof Leaks

A leaking roof can be caused by broken shingles or cracked flashing. These leaks happen around particular points on the roof, such as the gutters, skylights and chimneys. They can be minor or cause significant damage to your house. It is always recommended that you have a licensed roofing company come check out a leak no matter how small.

Pooled Water

Water can start to pool on a roof that isn’t angled correctly. When this happens issues may begin to occur. You need a slope in your roof so that the water can run off and not risk damaging the wood beneath your shingles. We see this particular issue occur when a roof is flat. But it can also be present when a roof is not angled steeply enough.

Poor Maintenance

The vast majority of roof problems are a relatively easy fix and can be done promptly. However, if routine maintenance has not been done correctly, a minor issue can turn into a major one very quickly. If you choose to ignore roofing issues that you are having, you could end up spending much more than a routine roofing maintenance fee would cost.

Gutter Issues

Broken and clogged gutters pose a considerable problem for a home because water can back up through the system and cause rotting and leaks. Plus, it can bring a bad smell along with it. Routine checks on your gutters are essential. Having gutter screens installed at the gutter openings helps prevent debris from clogging your drain and causing a potential back up.

Tree Damage

Have you ever seen a tree that has fallen during inclement weather? Well, if that tree crashed into your roof, you’d have a big problem. The lightest touch over time can create wear and tear that you didn’t know could exist, and whenever possible, you need to keep your trees trimmed back so that the limbs and branches do not affect your roof.

Bad Installation

Shoddy craftsman are prevalent wherever you go, and when it comes to your roof, you have to be vigilant. There is a chance that the proper roofing company was not selected to do work on your house. Or maybe you recently purchase a home as it was. A poorly qualified roofer may get work done quickly or for a very cheap price, but the cost of repairs won’t be worth the money saved for the initial install. Choosing the right contractor can help you avoid issues later.

At Roof Smart of SW Florida, LLC., you can find an exceptional roofing company that will put your safety and roof health first – every time. Please reach out to us with any questions you might have.