Soffit & Fascia

*Available in a variety of colors, materials & textures!*

Soffit & Fascia

Soffit & Fascia Explained

The soffit can most easily be seen under the roof overhang that covers the space beneath the rafters. The soffits are most commonly made of vinyl or aluminum, and on some older homes it can be made of wood. The fascia is the long horizontal strip you see at the end of the rafters along the bottom edge of the roof. The role of fascia is to finish off and provide support for the lower row of roofing shingles or in some cases, tiles. The fascia also plays an important role when we install seamless gutters.

The Importance of The Soffit & Fascia

The purpose of soffits and fascia are more than just a way to finish off the exterior of your home. Both are designed to protect the wood used to build your home and keep out unwanted guests such as mice, rats, lizards, birds, and squirrels. The soffits in some cases also provide the primary source of ventilation for your attic. Here at Roof Smart of SW Florida, we can install new soffit & fascia with or without replacing your roof.