Tile Roof Painting

Tile Roof Painting

Consider Painting Your Discolored Tile Roof!

If you want to avoid the black stains and weakening of tiles over time, then painting your tile roof is definitely something to consider. Roof paintings come in almost every color and can even be done in a clear coat to preserve the color you have now. This service will include a whole home pressure washing service as well.

The paint we use to coat roofing tiles is weather proof and made specifically for this application. It will fill in the pores of the concrete tiles, eliminating the possibility of mold and mildew build up. The paint will also protect the tiles from the sun so they won’t weaken over time making your tile roof last for many more years. Painting your tile roof will protect the color of your roof from fading in the sun as well. Compared to a whole new roof, this service is a very small investment that will help the resale value of your home skyrocket. So, protect your investment in a tile roof today with Roof Smart’s Tile Painting Service!

The Process Of Painting Your Tile Roof

First things first, we will send out an experienced pressure washing crew to clean your roof, as well as the rest of your home, so we don’t trap any debris or buildup underneath the coating layer. This process usually takes a day in itself to complete and dry. Then we would schedule for an experienced crew to come out, usually the very next day, and get right to work painting and protecting your roof. Depending on the size of your roof, this task generally only takes a day to complete as well. (Keep in mind, these are only estimates of time and weather could definitely play a factor as well).

Again, this service also comes with a broken tile guarantee: If we break a tile in the process, Roof Smart will complete the repair at no cost to the homeowner.

Call us today for an estimate on painting and protecting your roof!