Wind Mitigation

Wind Mitigation

Homeowner’s Insurance Discounts – Wind Mitigation

Homeowner’s Insurance discounts are one of the many benefits to having a new roof installed by Roof Smart. One of our objectives is to put as much money possible back into your pockets. Wind Mitigation discounts are applied towards the windstorm portion of your total insurance premium. Many homeowners have taken advantage of the insurance discount incentive and strengthened their exising home using the strongest opeitons in the Florida Building Code. Depending on where you are located in Florida, the windstorm portion of your homeowners insurance is between 15% and 70% of the total premium.

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According to Florida Statute 627.0629, ALL insurance companies are required to offer Florida homeowners “discounts, credits, or other rate differentials…” for particular con-struction techniques that help to reduce wind damage caused by hurricanes, tropical storms and other windstorms related claims.

Will You Qualify For Wind Mitigation Discounts? YES!!

Wind mitigation discounts are justified because stronger, more wind-resistive houses have lower wind-storm losses. Lower windstorm losses equal reduced costs to insurance companies that are then passed on to the consumer. Many homeowners have taken advantage of the insurance discount in-centive and strengthened their existing home using the strongest options in the Florida Building Code. The discounted insurance rates in Florida apply to both existing construction (homes built prior to 2002) and new construction built to the new statewide Florida Building Code (FBC).

Discounts you will qualify for when we install a new roof for you

  • Gutters Help Preserve Your Landscapings
  • Takes Water Away From Home Foundation

What size gutters and downspouts do I need?

  • Updating your roof with new Miami Dade approved materials that meet the Florida Building Code requirements
  • Nailing your roof decking off with 8d ring shank nails 6′ on center that meet the new Building Code requirements
  • Install peel & stick underlayment on decking which is considered a secondary water re-sistance barrier that prevents the roof from leaking if the shingles are blown off in a wind-storm